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Sushila Oliphant draws her inspiration from inner traditions from her spiritual teachers. She grew up in Hampden Highlands, Maine. She, David and Penny, her brother and sister, were taught to draw and paint by their Grandmother during the harsh winter months. Her Grandmother, Dorothy Chadeayne, was a graduate from Pratt Art Institute and a professional artist whose work was shown throughout New England and Florida. Sushila was further inspired by her travels to Canada, Arizona, Colorado, Florida as well as throughout the Yucatan, Chiapas in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

Sushila spent several years in an ashram studying Vedantic Yoga philosophy under Swami Jyotirmayananda. She helped illustrate his books, monthly magazine "The Yoga Guide" and designed the website from 1996 - 2010. She learned graphic design while working on his publications. Her art became meditative, a tool for higher consciousness - the painter and the painting merge. Each piece of art that she creates leaves its mark on the viewer of serenity and spiritual sensitivity.

Sushila Oliphant

The artist works in pen and ink, pastels, colored pencils, graphite, watercolor, collages, acrylics on found wood and also does photography and digital photography with Photoshop. Nature and spiritual themes are her favorite subjects. Sushila has developed her own line of Native American, Mayan and Yoga T-Shirts from her artwork. In 1996, she created a graphic and web design company, Harmonic Designs and continues with her painting in between her design work.

Ms. Oliphant has won several awards for her work in various art shows in Maine, Colorado, Merida, Mexico and Florida. She served on the Board of the Institute of Maya Studies at the Museum of Science in Miami for over six years, designed their monthly newsletter, event posters and other marketing material. Sushila also is presently on the Board at the Kendall Networkers organization and designed the brochure and website.

Sushila resides and has her studio lakeside in "The Hammocks" in Miami, Florida. Make an appointment to see her work - many pieces are available for sale. Her work is available in prints. She has also created an extensive online yoga and other spiritually related clothing store:


First Place, Deering Estates Show with GroveHouse Artists Gallery, June 11- July 29, 2016

Fourth Place, Deering Estates Show with GroveHouse Artists Gallery, June 18 - July 31, 2014

First Place, Deering Estates show with Grove House Artists, June 19 - July 26, 2013

Artist of Distinction, "We Can Never Have Enough of Nature," National Show, Still Point Art Gallery, June 2011

Founder's Choice Award, Infinity Gallery, International Digital Art Show, November - December, 2010

Artwork, colored pencil, chosen for the cover of "Natural Awakenings," Sarasota, Florida 2003

Poster of Mayan Calendar, in collaboration with Sid Hollander,
Public Collection Archaeological Museum of Yucatan, Merida, Mexico 1994

Second Place, acrylic on found wood, "Country Walk Festival," Miami, Florida 1988

Poster, pen & ink, chosen for "Annual Indian Art Show," in Aspen, Colorado 1988

Third Place, graphite, "Homestead Art Festival," Homestead, Florida 1987

Second Place, Cash Award, mixed media, "Wine Art Show," Miami, Florida 1984

Solo Shows

The Closet Gallery, Solo Show, "Solitude" featuring the works of Sushila Oliphant, March 3 to 27, 2013

Group / Juried Shows

Deering Estates Show with GroveHouse Artists Gallery, June 11- July 29, 2016

Gifford Lane, March 6, 2016

Stillpoint Gallery, "Solitude", November 1 - December 1, 2016. One painting was published in their quarterly, Still Point Arts Quarterly.

Deering Estates Show with GroveHouse Artists Gallery, June 18 - July 31, 2014

Deering Estates Show, with Grove House Artists Gallery, June 19 - July 26, 2013

Artway 66 Gallery, Continuous Showing, January 2012 - Februaruy 2013

Grove House Artists Gallery, "Members Show", Coconut Grove, Florida, Febrary 2012

Grove House Artists Gallery, "Small Wonders", Coconut Grove, Florida, October 1 - 29, 2011,

Still Point Art Gallery, National Show: "The Serious and Playful Sides of Light", Dec. 2009 - Feb. 2010

Infinity Gallery, International Digital Art Show, Nov.  2010 - Jan. 2011

South Miami Art Festival, Miami, Florida 1991

Miami-Dade Community College, Student Art Show, Miami, Florida 1979

Coconut Grove Gallery, Coconut Grove, Florida 1975-78

The Freedom Train Traveling Art Show, Miami, FL 1976

University of Arizona, Student Show, Tuscon, AZ 1969

University of Maine, Student Show, Orono, Maine 1966

First Place, Peace River, Deering Estates Show with GroveHouse Artists Gallery,
June 11- July 29, 2016

Artwork of Sushila Oliphant

Peace River, a watercolor, was published Still Point Gallery's Still Point Arts Quarterly.


Fourth Place, Still, acrylic on wood, Deering Estates Show with GroveHouse Artists Gallery,
June 18 - July 31, 2014

Painting by Sushila Oliphant


June 19 to July 26, 2913
Deering Estate Show with Grove House Artists
First Place: "Release," acrylic on wood

Painting by Sushila Oliphant

June 13, 2011 - September 30, 2011
Sushila Oliphant Honors Nature
Artist of Distinction Award

Still Point Art Gallery's current exhibition is all about the essential nature of Nature. It was inspired by a passage by Henry David Thoreau, which ends with the words, "We can never have enough of Nature." Three of Sushila Oliphant's paintings were selected for this exhibition, and she was named an Artist of Distinction for her particularly wonderful and meaningful contributions. They are beautiful...colorful, vibrant, rich...the tones are deep, akin to those of a haunting cello or lyric basso profondo. These paintings speak to the grandeur and splendor of Nature, calling us to bow with respect and in worship. Oliphant so perfectly captures that aspect of Nature that makes it bigger and greater than all of us, though we are all contained within it. She captures the spiritual aspect of Nature, that part that feeds our souls, that part that Thoreau honored in his writings about Nature, that part of which we can never have enough.

artwork by sushila oliphan artwork by sushila oliphant artwork by sushila oliphant
Golden Meadow
Los Pináculos de Daniel
Midnight Reflection

"Midnight Reflection" was published in the magazine, "Stone Voices", September 2011.

January 18, 2010
Artist Sushila Oliphant Inspired by Pointillism

"Still Point Art Gallery's current exhibition, The Serious and Playful Sides of Light, is showing three amazing pieces by artist Sushila Oliphant. (Two are shown below.) These pieces first glance...all about color...shimmering, vibrant color! The colors of the sky at sunset...the colors of the landscape at sunset. Bright and bold yellows and oranges, deep blues and purples and greens. Sparkling reflections on the water, rocks, shrubs, and trees. Is this the serious or the playful side of light?"

painting by sushila oliphant


The Call by Sushila Oliphant

"The Call"

"Sushila uses a certain technique to create these pieces, a technique which contributes to their energy, vibrancy, and texture. In the style of the pointillists, the most famous probably being Georges-Pierre Seurat (1859-1891), Sushila creates these pieces with dots and dashes. Sushila notes that this type of painting requires an action that is very strict, deliberate, and disciplined. The mind cannot wander while painting with this technique. Although it takes longer to create a piece using this method, Sushila finds that it has become a type of meditation for her...a spiritual practice." -Christine Cote, Still Point Art Gallery

Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
January 18, 2010

Digital Arts Exhibit
Founder's Choice Award
Sushila Oliphant
November 15, 2010

"Symbolism is successful in its balance and harmony – inspiring a meditative and contemplative space that is truly Zen-like, reflecting the magic and mystery of life in this world and beyond."
~ C. Swing

artwork by sushila oliphant






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